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Current Request (7 total)
  • Angie Buckalew

    The Church Family received word that Angie Buckalew has entered Heaven to spend eternity with her Heavenly Father, her mother Pat. Please pray for her father Danny, and siblings Patrick and Jennifer
  • Danny Springs

    We have received word that Danny Springs is in United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls. Charley to him to the hospital Wednesday afternoon (May 30). They have been running test and will continue to do so until the first part of next week.
  • Mark Lasater

    The church office received this message from Dr. Lasater concerning his son Mark. In ER Medical City Hospital Ft. Worth with Mark. Possible stroke. Numb on right side. Dr. Lasater ask we pray for Mark and medical team.
  • Grandson of Bonnie Martin

    Be in prayer for Richard Martin, 7 year old grandson of Bonnie. He is in the Olney hospital with severe asthma issues.
  • Gary Tull Update (Monday evening)

    Great news his blood levels are coming up!
  • Gary Tull Update

    From Melinda: Not a good day, his fever has spiked to 101 now. He already had one unit of blood and platelets today. Just did a blood test see where the counts are now. He feels so bad.
  • Gary Tull

    Gary Tull was taken to a Fort Worth Hospital this afternoon (Sunday May 20) with a temperature. The prayer request is that it's not blood infection..