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  • Ed Heath

    From Saturday afternoon. Ed Heath was admitted to Graham Regional ER. With low blood count. Will do transfusion and then transfer him to downtown Harris or Baylor/Scott-White. Will be there until Wednesday surgery.
  • Floyd Ramsey

    Floyd get kidney stones often.yestered his urine had ting of blood. This morning was straight blood at his heart visit. Contacted his Dr's office to be told he wouldnt be back till next weekend and no one would see him. They did call in antibodics. He has passed three stones today.
  • Dad- Healing

    Please pray for my Dad Jerry. On Thursday January 19th at 12:30pm he will be having bioscopies a new Lymph node glowed in the CT Scan he had this month. The doctors think it is the Lymphoma/ CLL he had treatment for in 2014. Please pray for my Dad that Jesus will give him a miracle that all the Lymph nodes will be benign. Please Jesus don't let it be Cancer again please heal my Dad. He has been sick more in 2016 than normal and did not know what was wrong. Please pray for our family. Thank you.