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  • Bill Dawson's funeral information

    Your prayers would be appreciated for the Dawson family in Bill's passing. Many thanks. VISITATION: Tues, Feb 21, 6-8 PM, Morrison Funeral Home. FUNERAL SERVICE: Wed, Feb 22, 11 AM, First Baptist Church, Graham, TX. See obituary at link to Morrison Funeral Home.
  • Update on Floyd Ramsey

    He saw Dr. Nashila AbdulRahim.she spent about three hours with us.
    In short his kidneys are only working 50%. The polycystic kidney disease has went to his liver also. She is going to be doing test over the next month. We will find out what type of kidney stones he keeps getting. Hopefully find a way to prevent them. He has a lot of scar tissue from passing stones. Montoring his BP. Limiting his salt intake. He needs to quit smoking. He has been smoking for 44 years. Needs lots of prayers in this area.
    She told us if it worsens he could loose kidney be on diyalsis and could have to have transplant.
    Goals shooting for are
    1. Keep them functioning where they are now.
    2. Lower salt intake and keep BP low
    3. Stop smoking
    Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
  • Cathy Brisco

    Please be in prayer for Cathy and Bucky. She has admitted back into United Regional for further care and testing regarding her foot. Please be praying for doctors to treat her foot and determine best course of action.
  • Gayle Briscoe

    Prayer Warriors please be in prayer for Gayle Briscoe. She is facing open heart surgery in early March. She will have an angiogram on Thursday Feb. 23rd and then another test on Thursday March 2nd to make sure she can have the surgery. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through all these test and possible surgery.
  • Denny Bryan

    Please continue to pray for Denny Bryan.
  • student in crisis!

    Your prayers would be appreciated for 14 year old MORGAN LARANCE, who is in critical condition with a type of encephalitis. She's hospitalized at Cooks Ft Worth & is the daughter of Jennifer Kimbro and Michael Larance of Newcastle. If desired, you may message the family on the facebook page: "Pray for Morgan,"