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Current Request (11 total)
  • Laurie McBrides husband Ed

    Please add Ed to your prayer list please. He is having a hard time dealing with loss of his wife Laurie. He youngest son moved back home.
    Tuesday Teresa goes in and sees what all has to be don't to see if she has the gene that causes Floyd's Kidney Disease. Thursday she sees Epilepsy Specialist. Is the increased seizure activity low blood pressure or what.
    We appreciate all your prayers these last 6 months.
  • Jacie Quigley

    I need to put in a prayer request for Linda Chenaults granddaughter, Jacie Quigley who has been care flighted to Harris with pneumonia and she is 21 weeks pregnant. They have her on lots of oxygen for the baby.
  • Blake/Strider Family

    From Amy Mairena: We need LOTS of prayer! My nephew Larry and his wife Izzy are expecting their first baby in about a month and they just found out that she has a brain aneurism. It will obviously have to be treated, and soon, but we don't know specifics yet! She is currently in Harris Hospital in Ft Worth and will remain there until they have a solid treatment plan! Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, health for Izzy and the baby, and peace of mind for Larry! We will post when we know more! Thanks guys!
  • Bother in law Chuck Nicholson

    Be in prayer fo Joe Collier of Wichita Falls. He is the brother in law of our Chuck Nicholson.
  • Husband of Ashley Perryman Munoz

    Please pray for Jim and Debbie Perryman and their daughter Ashley Munoz in the loss of her husband Jamie Munoz.Jamie experienced a fatal massive heart attack.
  • Oleta Harrell

    Please be in prayer for Oleta Harrell who has been admitted to Fort Worth Baylor Scott-White
  • Jimmy Stiles

    Be in prayer for Jimmy Stiles - he been admitted to Fort Worth Baylor Scott-White.
  • Prayer Request: Gary Tull

    Please continue to be in prayer for Pastor Gary Tull and medical staff as since coming home from the hospital he has experienced more complications.
  • brother

    My brother, Glenn is having heart issues and very worried. Please pray for him, thank you.
  • Prayers for safe travels

    Please pray for safety as John Lovell and a group from Baylor University travel to Germany in a study abroad program during his second summer semester.
    "Suppose I had wings
    like the dawning day
    and flew across the ocean.
    Even then your powerful arm
    would guide and protect me."
    Psalm 139:9-10

    Lisa Lovell
  • Sister of Del Lee

    Please pray for Rita Barcus, sister of Del Lee. She's hospitalized in Indiana, being treated for complications and infection from a blood clot. Many thanks, prayer warriors!