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  • Morgan Family

    Be in prayer for the Brian Morgan family. Their son Dylan is in Special Ministries. The family has been told they need to take Brian's dad off life support. His mom is receiving treatment for breast cancer.
    Also pray for me as I will be having all my teeth pulled tomorrow.
  • Wendy Stinson Kostopoulis

    Please pray for Wendy Stinson Kostopoulis. She is the daughter of Pam and Harold Stinson. She had emergency surgery last Thursday.
  • Joe Damron's Grandson

    Joe Damron's grandson Josh was in an accident involving an explosion. He is being transported via CareFlight from Jacksboro to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.
  • Death of infant

    Last night, Brogan James Lee passed away in Indianapolis. Thank you for praying for our infant great-nephew during the past 2 weeks. We would appreciate your continued prayers for his parents, Brandon and Missi. Many thanks, intercessors!