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  • Brian Morgan

    Please pray for Brian Morgan and family. Brian had surgery in Midland for a cyst on his upper inner thigh. The cyst was about 2 inches deep. They are having to pack the wound.They are hoping they get out of hospital Monday or Tuesday. Teresa, his wife, has left her handicapped child with her elderly parents to go be with him. Brian and Teresa Morgan and Dylan Ratcliff are members of special Ministry Sunday School and voices from the heart.
  • Burett Ainsworth

    Please pray for L. Burett Ainsworth. He had a 5 hour surgery at Harris Hospital in Fort Worth last Thursday after suffering an aorta dissection. He is in critical condition.
  • Spencer Street

    Please pray for Spencer Street. He had a massive heart attack yesterday at PK. Miraculously he is still alive. He is at Ft Worth Harris in very serious condition.
  • Family of John and Becky Priddy

    Please be in prayer for John and Becky Priddy (Charlotte's Segars sister) their daughter was killed in auto accident yesterday. Her sons Grade 1 and Grade 2 taken to Cook's with minor injuries. Funeral services are pending.