Whatever your background, you will experience a type of music that is both inspirational and emotive. Music for every age group is selected and arranged in a fashion that will point the worshipper God-ward and prepare their hearts to hear the spoken message that God has put on the heart of the Pastor for His people.

Preschool & Children

Kids are important. Jesus taught that. At First Baptist, we think kids are important because of our responsibility to teach them, but also because of what they can teach us.


Today's youth deal with huge issues in life.  Our desire is to lead them to Christ and learn how to navigate through life God's way.  Make no mistake, we are going to have a lot of fun doing it, but since they are God's prized creation and our future, we desire to invest greatly in them.


Every Sunday morning, we gather for in-depth study of God's word and discussion about how it applies to our lives. Sunday school is one of the best ways we've found to connect with other believers and to grow spiritually.

Special Needs

Our Special Needs friends participate in our Special Ministries Department. The Special Ministry hosts a wide range of activities to encourage anyone with a disability to grow in Christ.