Special Ministry

Our Special Needs friends participate in our Special Ministries Department.  The Special Ministry hosts a wide range of activities to encourage anyone with a disability to grow in Christ. All activities are wheelchair accessible and well-supervised. 

Voices From the Heart is a choir that shares the good news of God's love through music and movement. The choir performs at programs and churches throughout Graham and the surrounding area. 

The Special Ministry also hosts Bible study classes, special events and a weekend summer camp.

The Special Ministries Department at First Baptist Church of Graham has a wide range of activities to enable anyone with a disability to grow in Christ.  All activities are wheelchair friendly and well supervised.

Our Sunday School Class has Praise time as well as a lesson that is geared to help all members to grow in Gods Word no matter where they are in their understanding of spiritual matters.

We also have Voices From the Heart, a choir that spreads the good news of Christ’s love through music and movement.  Our choir has sung in several public programs and many churches around the city and surrounding cities as well.

At different times of the year we have in-depth Bible studies and a summer camp weekend event.  We have also gone to New Mexico for a ski trip with the Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Association.

We invite anyone who would like to learn more about Jesus and His Word to come grow with us.