Here is what your student is learning about in Student Ministry!


Wednesday July 22 – 1 Peter 3:1-7

Main Idea: As the people of God, we display the good news of the gospel in relationships through lives of submission and understanding.

Pray: Spend time this week asking the Lord to continue shaping you to treat members of the opposite sex in ways that are faithful to his Word.

Evaluate: Set aside some time over the course of the next week to consider your relationships in light of Peter’s instructions. As you do, resolve to make whatever changes necessary to align your relationships with God’s Word.


Wednesday July 29 – 1 Peter 3:8-22

Main Idea: As the people of God, Christians display the good news of the gospel through unity in the church, blessing their enemies, and remaining faithful in suffering.

Pray: Ask God to continue transforming your heart so that you are able to respond with genuine joy in times of suffering, as you recognize the opportunity it provides.

Resolve: Whether or not you are currently experiencing suffering, resolve to face it with joy acknowledging that God allows it for the purpose of refining your faith and confirming the presence of the Holy Spirit within you.


Wednesday August 5 – 1 Peter 4:1-19

Main Idea: As a result of knowing that at times God wills suffering for the purpose of purifying believers from sin and deepening their longing for glory with Christ, we should prepare to suffer while living a life of obedience to God through sacrificial love, hospitality, and service.

Pray: Wherever you sense doubt, ask the Lord to strengthen you and help you to persevere when difficulties arise that challenge your faith in him.

Encourage: If there’s a fellow believer in your life struggling today, reach out to them and offer your encouragement by reminding them of God’s faithfulness.


Sunday August 9 – Faith-Filled Friends – Philippians 2:3-4

Lesson Overview

Friendships are important to young people, and having friends who follow Jesus can greatly enrich teenagers’ faith journey. The Bible offers priceless wisdom about maintaining true, lasting friendships. Jesus—the best friend we can ever have—knows what we really need to feel known, cared about, and loved. This lesson will help students understand the qualities of true Christian friendship, and how to live them out.

Lesson Objectives

  1. WHAT: Teenagers can greatly benefit from the Bible’s guidance about friendship.
  2. WHY: Because friendships with other Jesus-followers help young people in their faith walk, it’s good for them to discover what Christian friendships look like.
  3. HOW: Students can grow in their relationship skills when they practice Bible truths in their lives.


  • What characteristics do you most appreciate about your current friends? What would you change about them, if you could?
  • How would you describe the kind of friend you are?
  • What friendship characteristics would you like to improve?
  • How can following Jesus’ example help us be better friends—with people inside and outside our family?


Wednesday August 12 – 1 Peter 5:1-14

Main Idea: As believers lead and submit in their various roles within the Church, they should remain humble toward God in their suffering and watchful of the enemy until the day Christ calls them home in glory.

Pray: Spend some time this week offering up your concerns and anxieties to God. Trust that he cares not only for your fears, but also for you yourself.

Confess: As the Holy Spirit convicts you, confess whatever pride you see in your life as a result of this session. Ask the Lord to cleanse you and replace it with humility.


Sunday August 16 – Share the News

Lesson Overview

Deciding to follow Jesus is life-changing—for eternity. Our loving, forgiving Savior wants to be in relationship with us forever. But many people still don’t know about Jesus’ love and the eternal life he offers. We have the amazing honor and responsibility of sharing that good news with others. This lesson will help students understand that Jesus calls them to tell others about him.

Lesson Objectives

  1. WHAT: Christians have the opportunity to tell other people about Jesus and what he’s done for us.
  2. WHY: To reach people who don’t yet know him, Jesus works through people who already follow him.
  3. HOW: When teenagers realize what a privilege it is to share their faith, they can do so with confident boldness.


  • How does it feel to be an ambassador for Jesus? What excites you the most about that? What frightens you the most about it?
  • Who have you talked to about Jesus, and how did you bring up the subject?
  • On a scale of 1 to 7 (with 1 being “not ready at all” and 7 being “can’t wait to talk about my faith”), where do you rank yourself on being ready to tell a friend about Jesus? Why?
  • How can we become more comfortable sharing our faith stories with other people? I’d love to help you prepare to share your faith—and I want to be ready too!


Wednesday August 19 – God Is Set Apart – Isaiah 6:1-8

Main Idea: To understand that while He loves us, God is so other, so different from us. But we don’t need to despair; God is different so He can make a difference.

We often think of holiness in regards to purity and sinlessness, but it means more. Holiness speaks to God’s glory, God’s righteousness, and God’s power. When he saw how different God is, Isaiah said, “Woe is me.” God wants these “Woe is me” moments to inspire us to change. He wants to clean us and to make us holy so that we can have “Send me” moments. When we say God is holy, we can’t stop there, because God is different so He can make a difference. So we should let His holiness change us, and we should join Him in changing our world.