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How to Kill a Giant” (I Samuel 17:45-47)

During the sermon series in Joshua, we have learned that there were giants in the Promised Land (Numbers 13:33) when the Children of Israel entered.   So, for three consecutive Sundays, we are having a “sermon series within a sermon series” focusing on giants!  Today, we focus on “How to Kill a...

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First Baptist Church News and Information for January 25, 2015

Welcome to the First Baptist Church News and Information of our website. This section will provide you with new and information as it relates to those things happening in the life of the church.  If you have questions about articles or need additional information please contact the church office at...

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Leadership Helps In The Record Box

The last Sunday of the month means Sunday School support helps will be in the Sunday School Record Box this Sunday.  Teachers, leaders and secretaries will want to take the time to distribution this information to class/department leadership team.  Let's make sure the handouts are given to the...

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From The Teacher Tool Box

Be Alert to Warning Signals, what are warning signals.” A person you have always known as a happy, jolly, effervescent, life-of-the party individual displays a look of deep concern on his face all week long. Until now, you’ve never seen a frown on this person’s face. The frown and deep concern...

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Habitat House May 16

The construction of the next Habitat for Humanity House will begin shortly.  Our own J.R. Yancey will once again give directions to the volunteers each week. Actual construction begins March 28.  This is the 11th Habitat House for our community.  The 2015 Habitat House is located at 118 Summitt. ...

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