July News


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SUNDAY MORNING MESSAGE: “Learning To Be Content”  Philippians 4:10-13

The normal end of the month handouts are available this Sunday. Please ask your class or department secretary to distribute these to the appropriate teachers or leaders.  These tools are provided to help teachers get ready for August. Careful planning with the church office can help as we coordinate building use, vehicles and providing child care when needed.  Please don’t assume your activity is on the church calendar.  Contact the church office to confirm calendar dates. Teachers and leaders will want to check the church website calendar for the most current calendar.  Just click on the calendar tab. Please find and distribute the following items to teachers for August. You will find these items in the record box: August Birthdays list, August Coleman helps for Adult Teachers, and August Calendar.

COLORADO MISSION TEAM REPORTS SUNDAY EVENING: Your Colorado Mission Team will give a report of their days in Loveland, Colorado Sunday evening.  The Mission Teams did construction work at Bent Tree Church and Adventure Club (Vacation Bible School) with WayPoint Church.  Sunday School teachers and leaders will want to ask team members about their week of ministry. Our team member are: Ann Dickson, Jimmy Dunnam, David Harvill, Linda Jackson, Virnell Locker, Rick Pearce, Barbara Pearce, Larry Pendleton, Sharon Pendleton, Richard Segars, Lou Ann Sholty, Sally Stacy, Bill Strowd, Ron Watson, Shirley Watson, James Yancey, Gary York and Connie York.


WHO GREETS THE VISITORS:  We are now is the season of increased numbers of visitors.  This means, we are to be ready to greet them with a smile and these simple words, " it is good to see you this morning, can I help you find a class."  We will find visitors on the parking lot, in the hallways. While it is the responsibility of all of us to greet visitors, our class/departments should have someone assigned to the task to greet visitors and do everything they can to help them feel comfortable.  Let's be active and not passive.  So let's make sure we have a class/department member to greet visitors, who will offer to sit with them in worship and in some cases find their way to the Children's and Preschool areas.

PRAYER FOR SPECIFIC PEOPLE GROUPS: Sunday the emphasis for specific people groups continues.

This Sunday we pray that Egyptians would see Jesus as the bread that comes down from heaven and as the true giver and sustainer of life. Pray that they would pursue Jesus with the same need that drives them to line up daily to get their ration of bread. The blabs (pronounced bow abba) of Eg work hard.Their job description includes building manager, errand boy, car washer, guard, and anything else the building tenants ask them to do.  They are underpaid, yet usually have 3 to 4 children who live with them under the building.  During R’dan, Sam and his wife Susan will be making an extra effort to show their blabs and his family the love of JC. Pr for a strengthened relationship and for opportunities to tell the story.  Pr they will believe.


GIRLS IN ACTION OFF TO CAMP: Our Girls in Action girls and sponsors will be off to camp July 22-26.  The theme for the camp is “Gotta Tell It”.  This year’s camp will inspire campers with lessons about telling others the story of Jesus.  Campers will be challenged to consider ways they can tell the story to others.  You will want to encourage and pray for these girls and sponsors: Destiny Partida, Desire Partida, Callie Dobbs, Victoria Esquivel, Christine Harvill, Brooke Harvill, Candy Barrett, Madison Freeman, Amy Ramirez, Rebecca McGregor, and sponsors Rachel McGregor, Linda Swetnam, and Mary McGregor.


DAY CAMP JULY 22: Tuesday our Day Campers are headed to Dallas and the Dallas World Aquarium.  This will be our second Day Camp to the Dallas World Aquarium.  This is more than just a trip to your average aquarium. Regardless of age, a trip to The Dallas World Aquarium provides a learning experience for everyone! Our visit could be a simple education experience or could be an in-depth study of the habitat, conservation, distribution, anatomy, and behavioral/structural adaptations of plants and animals. More than 55 Touch Screens are provided near the exhibits, offering in-depth information about the more obvious species. The journey begins in the canopy of a South American rainforest filled with rare and indigenous plants and animals. The path leads past monkeys, Giant river otters, many species of toucans and Orinoco crocodiles. The River exhibit allows for an underwater glimpse of Antillean manatees, huge turtles and Arapaima. The Aquarium portion contains 85,000 gallons of saltwater, including a 22,000 gallon walk-through tunnel. Wrasses, Japanese spider crabs and rare Leafy seadragons are some of the intriguing marine life. Black-footed penguins entertain in an outdoor South African lagoon, while Fairy penguins can be seen swimming in their pool on the second level of the Mundo Maya exhibit. The path ascends into the Mundo Maya exhibit with the “tree of life” towering overhead. Venomous snakes, sharks, Jaguar, endangered sea turtles and several species of owls and eagles are only a few of the interesting animals.


WIFI 2014 EQUIPPING FOR MISSIONS LEADERS: Come join mission leaders from around the state.  This will be a great training conference for any and all involved in teaching missions to any age group.  Whatever your level of missions you will find valuable training.  For additional information please contact Earl Ann Bumpus.

: I just wanted to take a minute and remind you of a couple of things going on within our Women's Ministries:

The first and third Tuesday's of each month is our Women Helping Women Project work days. Our next workday will be July 15 @ 9:00am. Please join us if you can!!

The deadline to sign up for Women of Joy Conference is July 18th @ 5:00pm. It is not to late for you to get your name on the list!! Please contact me if you have any questions about the conference. This is a great time... you don't want to miss out!!

WIFI Conference, August 2nd @ FBC Midlothian. Cost is free to attend conference. Please contact Earl Ann Bumpus if you have any questions about this conference.

DRIVERS WITH C.D.L. NEEDED: Very soon the team of volunteers that make the Wednesday after school ministry a huge success will be enlisted.  Volunteers from Driving Team, Homework Team, Snack Team, Music Team, Supper Team, and Mission Education Team.  The last several years this has been a real ministry to the children of our community, we have been blessed with attendance of the children.  The Driving Team that get the children to the church needs drivers.  If we can not get the children to the church the other ministry suffer.  We need drivers with a C.D.L.  If you have a C.D.L. or are willing to get a C.D.L and would like to help with this ministry please contact the church office or one of our staff.  The driving involves about 30 to 45 minutes on Wednesday.  If you are interested in getting the CDL please contact the church office.


PRAY FOR MINISTER OF YOUTH AND ACTIVITIES SEARCH: Sunday School teachers and leaders will want to remind members and those they serve with to continue to pray for our Minister to Students and Activities. Those serving on our Minister to Students and Activities Committee are: Freddie Forbus (Chairman), James Wyatt, (Vice-Chairman), Chrysti Mercer, Jain Ranft, Hayley Langford, La Verne Mason, Meg Stroup, Bobby Wolfe, Sarah Franklin and Jeb Curry.


2014 DAY CAMP SCHEDULE: Parents are already calling the church office asking for the Day Camp schedule for this summer.  Day Camp is for children of our community who have completed Grade 1 through Grade 5.


July 22 Dallas Aquarium


July 29 Perot Museum