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SUNDAY MORNING MESSAGE: “Grace from Beginning to End”  Philippians 4:23


TIME TO UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Sunday School teachers and leaders will find in the Sunday School record box a large envelope which contains individual information on for class/department members.  Take time to distribute the information forms to class/department members.  Ask members to update information and return the form to the Sunday School Records box.  This is our annual updating of Sunday School Records.  Let’s make sure home, work, and cell numbers are correct.  Email address often change so you will want to check this also.  Some of our adults will want to add emergency contact numbers.  This is a two sided response form.  Thanks you for helping to our records up to date.

PLANNING FOR LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION: Sunday School literature for the new Sunday School year will be available for distribution next Sunday August 24.  Sunday School teachers and leaders will want to discuss with department and class leaders plans for making sure the new literature gets into the hands of members and recent visitors.  Some teaching units simply handout literature before Sunday School starts.  It is always a good idea to add the name of class/departments members to outside of the student learner book to help create ownership.  It has been observed that Sunday School literature with the name of class member is not left behind.  If there is a name of the quarterly you know who it belongs too.  Use your class leaders or others members to get the literature into the hands of absentees and recent visitors.


DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE “PHILIPPIANS” BY PHILIP SMITH: Sunday evening August 17 our evening guest will be Philip Smith who will give a Dramatic Dialogue “Philippians”  For several weeks the pastor has been preaching from this rich book of the New Testament. As Apostle Paul, Smith brings the inspired and timeless message of compassion and love to the stage.     “I portray Paul while he is chained in a Roman prison remembering and writing to his dear friends in Philippi.” This performance scripture is approximately half an hour and consists of the entire text of the book of Philippians from the New International version of the Bible. This is Paul’s message to members of the first church he established in his ministry over two thousand years ago and is known as the Letter of Joy, it is as pertinent now as it was then. Trained as a thespian and working in the theatre for decades, this project grew out of Smith’s decades of experiences and passionate interests.Four years ago Smith had the time and felt drawn to memorize Philippians, a longtime favorite for him. At first he would recite it to small church groups and the response was positive. Eventually props were showing up. People were coming forth with many creative talents and skills to share and Smith realized this small project was turning into a presentation that was taking on a life of its own! Now Smith arrives complete with a set design, lighting and music as the words of the Apostle Paul come to heartfelt life.         


DR.TOLAR LESSON PREP: September 7 the new Sunday School year kicks off.  At the beginning of each new quarter of lessons, our friend, Dr. Bill Tolar has provides a Sunday School lesson preview for our Adult Teachers.  New this fall our Preschool and Children’s workers will teach the same lesson content as the adults.  This is a huge plus for our families. This also means that Preschool and Children teachers and leaders can benefit from the Sunday School preview.


CHURCH WIDE BACK TO SUNDAY SCHOOL BRUNCH SEPTEMBER 7: Sunday School teachers and leaders will want to announce to those present that September 7 will be our First Baptist Church Back To Sunday School Breakfast.  This is for the entire church family, Preschoolers, Children, Youth and Adults.  We will gather for breakfast to enjoy items brought by members and share with those present.  Yes, some of the breakfast foods will be healthily and some will taste really good.  One thing for sure is that all of those present will have a great time of fellowship before the start of Sunday School.  We will start serving at 8:30 a.m. and finish by 9:30 a.m. so everyone can get to their class or department.  Make your plans to attend.  This will be a great time of fellowship.


STUDENT LUNCH BEGINS SEPTEMBER 11:  One of the high lights of our Student Ministry last year was the Thursday lunch to Junior and Senior students.  It took a great team of dedicated workers for this to happen each Wednesday.  Now is the time for those who helped last year and additional volunteers to sign up for another opportunity to help with food preparation and interact with these students. The Junior/Senior lunch will begin September 11.  Our Thursday Junior/Senior  lunch is know because of the friendly volunteers and the meal homemade, not ordered and brought in.  If you have helped in the past or want to be a first time volunteer contact Meg Stroup or the church office.


MUSIC AND MISSIONS: Before long children of our community will be headed back to school.  Preparation for the kickoff for the 2014-2015 Wednesday M&M Kidz (Music and Mission) is underway.  This year we begin our third year of M&M Kidz and each year the number of children involved increases.  Our adults enjoy seeing the children involved in the Wednesday evening activities.  The children are provided transportation from our Transportation Team, get help with homework from our Homework Team, are provided Snack from the Snack Team, the Music Team prepares the children for a winter and spring musical, the Supper Team prepares and helps with the meal, and the Mission Education Team teaches about world missions. Sounds like a full afternoon and evening, right.  For all this to happen, we need drivers to bring the children from school to the church. The driving involves about 30 to 45 minutes on Wednesday. Drivers will have a volunteer with them to assist with the children.  Bottom line,  the drivers are basic to all the other activities for children at church.   If you have a C.D.L. or are willing to get a C.D.L and would like to help with this ministry please contact the church office or one of our staff. 

WOMEN’S MINISTRY BANQUET SEPTEMBER 11, 2014: The 2014 Women’s Ministry Banquet is fast approaching and plans are coming together for a another great night! Ladies you will mark your calendar and make plans to attend this year!  This year you are in for an extra special treat!! Our program will be a concert with Charles Billingsley. Charles serves as worship pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church and artist-in-residence at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He began his singing career in 1986, where through the years he has performed as a solo artist and also in group called NewSong. Charles has also served on staff at additional churches.

The cost of the banquet is $15.00 per person. There will be childcare available if needed. (When you purchase your ticket you may also sign up childcare.) Tickets will go on sale to our First Baptist Church family on August 1, 2014. You may come by the church office or the church foyer to purchase your ticket. Please note there are a limited number of tickets available and sales will be open to public starting August 18, 2014. So you will want to purchase your ticket early. The deadline to purchase tickets is September 5, 2014.

FROM THE TEACHER TOOL BOX: This is a great story for us to think about.  Recently, while waiting in an airport for my next flight I met a man who in the course of a few minutes became a huge blessing to my life.  As we visited with great excitement he shared about his pilgrimage with the Lord the Lord’s blessing on his life.  With special joy he shared about a teacher who had not only taught him, but in his own words also discipled him.  The teacher had taken a special interest in him both inside and outside the classroom.  The man went on to tell about the influence that  teacher had on is whole life.  This teacher had caught the true meaning of teaching: to see lives transformed.  He went beyond merely relaying information and facts.  His desire was for those he taught to integrate into their minds and hearts biblical truth that set the course for living.  He had discovered the importance of not only communicating Bible truths but also living them.  Check out these truths for Sunday School teachers


They teach with the awareness that God's calling to teach
They love and affirm the people they teach.
They are aware of the needs of those they teach and are concerned about their spiritual growth.
They believe in the transforming power of the Word of God and the importance of every teaching session.
They seek the best ways to communicate the truths of God's Word.
They teach in a variety of ways and use those approaches that best suit their class members

PRAY FOR MINISTER OF YOUTH AND ACTIVITIES SEARCH: Sunday School teachers and leaders will want to remind members and those they serve with to continue to pray for our Minister to Students and Activities. Those serving on our Minister to Students and Activities Committee are: Freddie Forbus (Chairman), James Wyatt, (Vice-Chairman), Chrysti Mercer, Jain Ranft, Hayley Langford, La Verne Mason, Meg Stroup, Bobby Wolfe, Sarah Franklin and Jeb Curry.




August 23 Dr. Tolar Lesson Preview (For Adult, Children, and Preschool workers)

August 25 Literature Distribution for the new Sunday School year

September 11 Women’s Ministry Banquet