August News


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SUNDAY MORNING MESSAGE: “The Search for Wealth”  Philippians 4:18-20

Sunday night the church went into church conference to hear a report from the Minister of Students and Recreation Search Committee and Deacons regarding the employment of Jose Rivera as an Intern.  Mr. Rivera's first Sunday will be August 17. The Minister of Students and Recreation Search Committee will continue the search process for a Minister of Students and Recreation.

NEWS FOR THOSE WITH CHILDREN:  A couple of changes over the last several week have occurred and you will want to know about these changes.  LaVerne Mason has resigned as our Child Care Coordinator.  LaVerne made sure we had paid child care staff for all services and activities.  LaVerne was great at pulling a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute when there was a need for child care.  Courtney Dobbs will pickup that responsibility.  Those needing child care should contact the church office with your child care needs.  Also Amy Mairena resigned as Little Disciples Preschool Directory.  For many years Amy worked as a teacher and director. While Amy served as L.D.P. Director, she was a positive representative for the church and to the parents.  Jean Gant will replace Amy as Little Disciples Preschool Director.  Jean brings with her a strong background in education from her years at Graham I.S.D. teaching at both elementary and preschool levels.  You will want to welcome Courtney and Jean to these positions.


COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR: It is time for the Community Health Fair. For many years our church has provided the Family Life Center for the community Health Fair.  Sunday School teachers and leaders who meet in the Family Life Center will want to remember to place their supplies in secure locations.  We will have a great number of people in the Family Life Center.  Our custodian staff will make every effort to have classrooms ready for Sunday.  Teachers, leaders and class members may want to arrive early for Sunday School to make sure things are back in place.  


THANK YOU DAY CAMP STAFF: Another summer of Day Camp is completed. June and July has provided the Tuesday Day Camp. This summer ministry is available to elementary children of the city. This is the high light of the week for the Day Campers.  To look at the list of trips, one would realize the opportunities offered by our church through Day Camp underlines the statement the kids are important to our church.  The backbone of this is the experience staff of workers. The staff consists of school teachers, Sunday School teachers and student helpers.  Tell these workers thank you for making an investments in the lives of these elementary children: Hayley Langford, Allison Franklin, Natasha Haberly, Mary McGregor, Amber Paulson, Michaela Stevens, Brian Thomas, James Wyatt, James Thomas, J.R. Yancey and our student helpers, Taylor Buschman, Stephen Bynum, Sarah Franklin, Rachel McGregor, Amanda Paulson, Mattie Paulson


THANK YOU LITTLE DISCIPLES PRESCHOOL WORKERS: This week our Little Disciple Preschool finished their summer session. This has been a good summer for the children. Each session during the summer the children were exposed to enriching learning experiences.  The staff of twelve with an enrollment of 39.  This includes our Betty Cox, Amanda Gardiner, Carmen Nevarez, Linda Jackson and Jennifer Freeman who served as Summer Director of LDP.  Great thanks to Dax Freeman for doing all the driving to get the children to the various activities.


STAYING THE COURSE: In a few short weeks the 2013-2014 Sunday School will finish and we begin then 2014-2015 Sunday School year. During August we wrap up one Sunday School year and prepare to start another Sunday School year.  Sunday School teachers and leaders let's stay focused and finished strong.  Some have compared the Sunday School year to the mile run.  Here is some advice given for running the mile.  The writer said:The advice (good) given to me for my first mile race was "Go out sort of hard to establish position in the 1st 200m. Then settle into a hard pace. Push hardest to maintain pace in lap 3. Try to sprint with whatever is left in the last quarter. Drive with your arms on the homestretch."  August is the last 100 yards.  Let's drive with our heart, and vision for the homestretch.  




  1. Check the Date Last Attended (DLA) for those who have been away several weeks
  2. Assign a class member or ask the assigned Care Group Leader to make the contact. Let the absentee know they have are missed. Now that summer travels are coming to a close you are looking forward to seeing them in Sunday School. 
  3. Contact your faithful attenders.  Thank them for their faithful attendance. 
  4. Review your list of recent visitors.  Can any of the recent visitors be enrolled as new members?
  5. Plan a class/department fellowship. Sunday morning brunch is an option to consider. 
  6. Confirm teacher and leader team members attendance Sunday by Sunday. 
  7. Plan for literature distribution. 

NEW TO THE COMMUNITY: Over 40 million people move in the U.S. each year. With each move they make purchasing decisions, establish buying and driving patterns and many times search for a new church home. This summer is the best time to reach those new to our community.  It is true that new families are moving to the community and many are looking for a church home.  We need to be on the lookout for those new to the community wither at church or as we are going about our daily task.  For some the move from one community to these next can be a transition from one church to another, for some not attending a church to attending a church or sadly for some attending a church and not finding a church to attend in the the new community.  Let grab these and help them to find a new church home at First Baptist Church

MUSIC AND MISSIONS: Before long children of our community will be headed back to school.  Preparation for the kickoff for the 2014-2015 Wednesday M&M Kidz (Music and Mission) is underway.  This year we begin our third year of M&M Kidz and each year the number of children involved increases.  Our adults enjoy seeing the children involved in the Wednesday evening activities.  The children are provided transportation from our Transportation Team, get help with homework from our Homework Team, are provided Snack from the Snack Team, the Music Team prepares the children for a winter and spring musical, the Supper Team prepares and helps with the meal, and the Mission Education Team teaches about world missions. Sounds like a full afternoon and evening, right.  For all this to happen, we need drivers to bring the children from school to the church. The driving involves about 30 to 45 minutes on Wednesday. Drivers will have a volunteer with them to assist with the children.  Bottom line,  the drivers are basic to all the other activities for children at church.   If you have a C.D.L. or are willing to get a C.D.L and would like to help with this ministry please contact the church office or one of our staff. 

WOMEN’S MINISTRY BANQUET SEPTEMBER 11, 2014: The 2014 Women’s Ministry Banquet is fast approaching and plans are coming together for a another great night! Ladies you will mark your calendar and make plans to attend this year!  This year you are in for an extra special treat!! Our program will be a concert with Charles Billingsley. Charles serves as worship pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church and artist-in-residence at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He began his singing career in 1986, where through the years he has performed as a solo artist and also in group called NewSong. Charles has also served on staff at additional churches.

The cost of the banquet is $15.00 per person. There will be childcare available if needed. (When you purchase your ticket you may also sign up childcare.) Tickets will go on sale to our First Baptist Church family on August 1, 2014. You may come by the church office or the church foyer to purchase your ticket. Please note there are a limited number of tickets available and sales will be open to public starting August 18, 2014. So you will want to purchase your ticket early. The deadline to purchase tickets is September 5, 2014.


PRAY FOR MINISTER OF YOUTH AND ACTIVITIES SEARCH: Sunday School teachers and leaders will want to remind members and those they serve with to continue to pray for our Minister to Students and Activities. Those serving on our Minister to Students and Activities Committee are: Freddie Forbus (Chairman), James Wyatt, (Vice-Chairman), Chrysti Mercer, Jain Ranft, Hayley Langford, La Verne Mason, Meg Stroup, Bobby Wolfe, Sarah Franklin and Jeb Curry.




August 3 Stewardship Committee and Deacons

August 9 Community Health Fair

August 10 Lord’s Supper

August 12 X.Y.Z.

August 23 Dr. Tolar Lesson Preview (For Adult, Children, and Preschool workers)

August 25 Literature Distribution for the new Sunday School year

September 11 Women’s Ministry Banquet