Sunday School News for September 16, 2018



Morning Service 11:00 a.m. Dr. Bumpus will be preaching

Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m. Texas Missions Banquet

Wednesday Evening 6:00 p.m. “Great Stories of Jesus”

“JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE”:  Sunday evenings we are in preaching/teaching series that will take you from Genesis to Revelation in 1 year. This is an indication to read through the Bible in one year (August 5, 2018-August 4, 2019). September 23: Exodus 20

This fall our church has taken actions to pray for our school.  Sunday our members have another opportunity, you can pray for a specific teacher.  Members of our Children’s Committee will have the names of teachers who have asked that you pray for them during the school year.  The committee members and others will be in the Family Life Center and auditorium foyer to distribute the name of the teachers. This is not something that is one and done.  The desire is this teacher know someone is praying for them. A card mailed to the campus of the teacher or an email can make all the difference. You can make a huge difference.  Drop by the distribution desk either in the Family Life Center before or after Sunday School or before or after worship. You will receive a tear apart card. You will keep one that has the name of the teacher to pray for and the other portion you will sign your name and leave at the desk.  Thank you for stepping up to pray for our teachers.

SAW YOU AT THE POLE: SYATP, “See You At The Pole” is scheduled September 26, 6:30 am on both Junior High and High School campuses.  SYATP is a student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led event. That means this is all about students meeting at their school flagpole to pray—for their school, friends, teachers, government, and their nation. SYATP is not a demonstration, political rally, nor a stand for or against anything.  SYATP is a great place to connect with God, connect with other believers, and connect our Junior High and High School campuses in the name of Christ.

These are the next 2 important dates for Deacon Election.  Wednesday, September 19th, is the deadline for the “I do NOT wish to serve” cards. Cards can be returned to the Church Office, a receiving box in the foyer or the wood receiving box in the sanctuary.  Monday, September 24th, a letter will be mailed to the entire church membership. Included in this mailing will be (1) guideline for a New Testament Deacon, (2) final list of eligible men to serve, and (3) nomination ballot for each household.

2018 WEEK OF PRAYER FOR TEXAS MISSIONS & THE MARY HILL DAVIS OFFERING: Our annual emphasis to pray for missions and give to those ministries unique to our state  continues through September 16. Our church has an offering goal of $7,000.00 and ven we have given $1,430.58.00 toward the giving goal.

NEWS FROM THE PROPERTY COMMITTEE: Several years ago the thought of having an outdoor church sign on the highways coming into Graham came up. After several months of detailed work the Property Committee is now ready to share with the church family the uniquely designed sign that will welcome those new to our city and remind all they are welcome at First Baptist.  A mock-up of the sign will be on display in the foyer. The mock-up is 2’ x 3’ mounted on a coroplast material. The actual sign size is 6’ x 3’. You will also find a sample of the Alupanel used for the sign. This is a really great looking sign. The signs were paid for from a designated gift.

TEACHING TIPS: When you teach a Bible study, one of the most effective ways to help learners engage in the study is to ask compelling questions.  Jesus asked questions when he taught. "Who do people say I am?" was followed up with "Who do you say I am?"  Sometimes Jesus used questions to expose the hypocrisy of the religious leaders; other times He asked questions to help people clarify their thinking. Most teachers use questions in their class/department department, but most commit a teaching "sin' when they ask their questions.  What kind of sin is usually committed? The teacher answers his or her own question when the group members don't answer right away.  By doing this, a teacher trains his or her group members to wait for the answer, and the teacher wonders why people don't respond to discussion questions!  Members have been trained to wait because experience has taught them their teacher is so uncomfortable with the silence, he'll answer his own questions. 20 seconds of silence helps the teaching-learning experience.  Research by Dr. Robert Pazmino indicates that the quality of student responses improves if the wait time after a teacher’s question extends beyond the normal one to three seconds to twenty seconds according to Basics of Teaching for Christians (p.68).  Members need time to process the question that's been asked, but all too often teachers jump the gun and answer their own question because they are nervous and uncomfortable with silence. The next time you teach and ask a question, commit to refrain from answering your own questions, and get comfortable with the 20 seconds of silence.  If you do, you'll find that your group members will begin answering the questions, and you'll boost the discussion that takes place in the group. While you are waiting for a person to respond to one of your questions, simply:

  • Cross your arms

  • Drink some coffee

  • Sit down

  • Look people in the eye

If you'll learn to out-wait your group members, you'll have them talking in no time! Silence is golden...especially when it's 20 seconds of silence.