Our Story


First Baptist Church of Graham was founded April 13, 1880.  A few years earlier settlers came to the area seeking new opportunities for themselves and their family.  Families started moving to Graham with dreams of the future.  One of the early settlers reflected in his diary that the territory was populated with buffalo and the fact that those animals seem to prefer Young county area above that of much of the surrounding areas, caused him to get the idea that this territory would be one of the finest cattle raising districts in the entire state of Texas.

It was on April 13, 1880 that Reverend W.B. Long was sent from the Baptist General Association. Rev. Long with other ministers gathered other Baptists and the church was organized.  Rev. W.B. Long served as the first pastor until June 1881.  For many years the First Baptist Church has been a place where God’s word is preached, taught, and acted upon by doing ministry in the community.  By choice the First Baptist Church has always been located close the the center of Graham.  The first building still stands at the corner of Second and Grove.  We are currently located one block east of the city square on the corners of Third, Fourth and Cherry.



1880-1881  Rev. W.B. Long
1881-1882  Rev. Compere
1883-1884  Rev. G.W. Black
1885-1887  Rev. J.H. Cason
1887-1901  Rev. G.W. Black
1901-1902  Rev. J.H. Clouse

1903-1905  Rev. W.C. Brown
1906-1910  Rev. T.E. Cannedy
1910-1911  Rev. R.T. Rouse
1911-1912  Rev. C.R. Taylor
1912-1915  Rev. W.D. Boswell
1915-1916  Rev. J.F. Huckelberry

1917-1918  Rev. J.R. Reynolds
1918-1923  Rev. C.R. Taylor
1924-1925  Rev. McKinley Norman
1925-1929  Rev. W.E.B Lockridge
1929-1941  Rev. J.D. Thorn
1941-1952  Rev. Dallas Lee

1952-1973  Rev. Hubert Foust
1974-1983  Rev. John C. Wiles
1984-1994  Rev. Ronnie G. Armstrong
1995-2009  Rev. James C. Hill
2010-2011  Dr. Tony Nickel
2012- 2020  Dr. Mark Bumpus
2020-            Dr.Brian Brooks