Sunday School

Our weekly Sunday Bible study classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. First Baptist Church Graham offers a variety of classes for all ages because we believe Bible Study classes are important to the family.  Bible study provides us smaller more intimate fellowship class where we can ask questions and discuss the Bible with others. It also surrounds us with other caring Christians who will support us throughout the week with prayer and a helping hand as we need it.  Our goal is to provide the learning experience that will face the challenge of life.


(First Floor, Main Building)

Bed Babies Creepers, Toddlers
Allison Franklin, Natalie Dunnam


Sandra Helvey Director

(Second Floor, Main Building)
Sammie Nicholson Director

(Second Floor, Main Building)
Sammie Nicholson Director


(Second Floor, Main Building)

Jean Gant, Director

Grade 1
Charlotte Segars
Mary McGregor

Grade 2/3
Vicki Mills
Gloria Sims
Raymond Sims
Roy Gant

Grade 4
Terry Loetz
Lisa Lovell

Grade 5
(Third Floor, Main Building)
Brenda Coker
Terry Coker
Natasha Haberly


(Second Floor, Family Life Center)

6th Grade/7th Grade
Chrysti Mercer
Kim Wyatt

8th Grade
Freddie Forbus
Sherita Forbus

9th Grade/10th Grade
John Langford

11th and 12th Grade
Jeff Mercer
James Wyatt


Special Ministry
(Second Floor, Family Life Center)
Sally Stacy

(First Floor, Family Life Center)
Joyce Parent

Young Adult Classes
(First Floor, Family Life Center)
Bobby and Kimberly Wolfe
George Rogers

Median Adult Classes
(First Floor, Family Life Center)
David McGregor
Eddie Chambers
Linda Swetnam
Ron White
Dr. Wesley Lasater
Janice Nix

Senior Adult Classes
(Activity Building)
Sandy Williams
Charley Springs
Diane Wilson
Larry Hearne

(First Floor, Main Building)
Carl Young
Charlene Shepard